J is for Juniper

When I was in college, I was a fragrance model aka perfume spritzer girl from whom you cannot escape, bwah-hah-hah! An older gentleman co-worker would sing "Jennifer, Juniper" every time he saw me. Sad thing is that I knew the song. I guess that's not really sad, I knows me some oldies! But, it's not that old, it's from 1968. It's Classic Rock. Well, except I wouldn't consider it rock.

No pictures of junipers, but here's one of Jennifers. Well, just one Jennifer x 3.

Action shot
Another one. I can't quit moving when I get
my picture taken because I'm ascared.
Bending down to look in my co-worker's mirror. Plus, it hides
my mid-section. Who am I kidding? That thing can't be repressed.
We had to cut down some trees that I believe were dwarf junipers. The previous owners planted them too close to our house, one right by our outside water thingamajig. Not the meter. The other thing under the thing with the green lid. Don't hate us. It would have caused some serious damage. The previous owners just plopped them down to add a smidgen of landscaping, but didn't think it out well. We are not usually tree killers. I'm a planter, not a killer.


  1. You look Beautiful In Pink !!!

  2. hahahaha you are TOO funny!!! and yes, my dog is a papillon!!!! my favorite little nugget i can't even stand her cuteness. that's not a word, i know....annnnd yes sud pacifique....SO sad it's gone!!! how could this be?! hope you are having a great week, and thanks for the comment!!!!

    ashley <3


  3. Adorable! Also loving those shoes...


  4. We've had to get rid of some trees on our property because the previous owner planted them in stupid/dangerous places. It IS awful to dig up living things. We tried replanting a few but. . . they don't really like it. Sad!


  5. You were just preventing future damage. They should have thought it out better!

  6. love that color on you .. and the cut of the top is really flattering too!!! xoxo J

  7. Love the pictures! Sexy shoes, a cute top! Man, I *loved* your first paragraph - that's exactly the sort of thing I write.... awesome. ;p


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