D is for Daisies

. . . and for Desi! I stayed home from work today because my little Desi is sick. I still had to lug him out of the house because I had to take Augie to school. We stopped by the grocery store to get OJ and I took these pics.

We have Shasta daisies in our garden. They make great cut flowers.

My friend and I talked about planting gerbera daisies this year. Katie from Fashion's Maven picked up some this weekend. Just look how bright and cheery they are.

You know you want some

"E" ya tomorrow! (So corny!)


  1. Aww, hope Desi feels better soon! Cute post :)

  2. I love your site and as I browsed your blog I decided to award you the Creative Blog Award.
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  3. Gerber daisies are seriously my FAVORITE. I love the colors!

  4. Gerberas are so bright and cheery! I love them :) Hope Desi is feeling better.

  5. pretty flowers! i love having fresh flowers around the house, they always make me smile!

    sorry your Desi is sick. hope he feels better soon! i know how hard it is on mom when you have a sick kiddo.


  6. Sorry your little guy is sick.

    I love flowers. Even though I get pretty sick of the rain (ahem, as in RIGHT NOW) I DO love how plant-friendly it is here. Crazy-making weather balanced by beautiful blooms and excellent veggies. :)


  7. I LOVE gerbera daisies. They're up there with my favorite flowers.
    Thanks for visiting my blog - returning the favor. :)

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