G is for . . . (she wouldn't state the obvious, would she?)

. . . Globe Allium! After choosing "flowers" yesterday for the A to Z challenge in which I have decided to go with a gardening theme, I could not state the obvious and choose "garden." Give me some credit people! Even better, give me some Globe Allium bulbs*. I just love how huge and fluffy they are. They're like pom pons.
This isn't why I like them. That cannot be me!
This is like 1990 or 1991!
Come on, I like Chuck's and black clothes and
yelling at people. Okay, 3 out of 3 ain't so bad.

Crouching Jen, hidden mirror. I was trying to get a
look at my hair (which also sometimes resembles
pom pons) in my co-worker's mirror.

See what I did there? Another outfit post! Keeping up with the challenge and keeping the fashion in the blog about fashion and whatever.

*When Googling Globe Allium to find a link so y'all can see what these beauties look like, I discovered one called Lucy Ball. How cool is that considering my son is name Desi? Okay, it's not called Lucille Ball, but she did go by Lucy.


  1. OMG I LOVe that picture of you. I bet you were the best cheerleader. of course it is you you can not deny that picture.

  2. YEah... for G and lovely photos!

  3. What a babe!! I love ur smile!

  4. Look how cute you are...in both photos! Thanks for sharing a blast from the past :)

  5. G!! Great photos. You really are a fox!

    4/20 I will be showing off my giveaway from you!


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