VW Gold (like Slugbug Yellow)

Our 2001 VW Jetta Wagon, still loyal even though it sounds like it's running on squirrels. (Not running over squirrels) I digress as usual. Well, not completely. I decided to combine V and W for the tail-end of the A to Z challenge.

V is for V-necks

Jen-in-a-cube x 2. It's hard to tell that I'm in my cube since I got carried away masking then pointilizing my cube walls. I usually wear this sweater with a tank, then I tried a traditional button-up, and on Monday I tried a ruffly collared eyelet button-up to mix it up.

W is for Wedges

$11 from Buffalo Exchange on the Ave! You can barely see the 50% off stamp.

I thought I was well hidden behind our hedge. Well, I was but Desi wasn't, so our neighbor saw us during our 'photo shoot'. I was embarassed (which explains all of my awkward poses as I was explaining what we were doing and Desi kept snapping away), but at least I got to meet a neighbor I hadn't yet met. We're such recluses in our household.

A close up of my wedges. I'll have to feature them again front and center because you can't see the wedge detail very well. I thought I finally had my leopard print, but Augie commented on how cool the cheetah print is. I do believe he is correct that it's cheetah. I so would have lost on Jeopardy!. I am not smarter than a first grader.

(Had I contined a garden theme, I would have done Violets and Wildflowers. I forgot to state such for STU. I would have done Snapdragons, Tuberose, and . . . oh dear! I can't think of one and I don't want to Google it. I haven't yet for my challenge. I'll get back to you on U)


  1. you look absolutely gorgeous and radiant in the garden!

    is that the bug u won?!

  2. I love those leopard/cheetah/big kitty shoes!!! As I'm sure your neighbor now does too. Very funny. =)

  3. That v-neck sweater with the ruffled top underneath is super adorable and I LOVE those wedges!!!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  4. youre too funny.. love your posts.. and the neighbour.. yes I am always dodging mine too.. He has a great yard and I always hope to take a photo in his yard sometme when he is out of town.. is that bad or what??

  5. You are totally adorable. Wow, Buffalo Exchange! I used to shop there all of the time, they always had a great and unique selection of clothes, love that place. I think all of my grooviest clothes came from there.
    Those earrings are fantastic!

  6. Hahaha, I love hearing stories about people taking their photos outdoors and meeting random people along the way. They're always priceless! You look adorable as well, I love the little wedges.

    So What If I Like Pretty Things

  7. Those wedges are rockin! I need to go to Buffalo exhange one of these days. How funny that your neighbor spied your photo shoot.

  8. The leopard print heel of that shoe is stylish. Great find!

    PS: Too funny about the neighbor! Hehehe.


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