Q is for Quilted Handbag

I wish I had a picture of my CHANEL quilted handbag for this post, but such a thing does not exist. Instead, enjoy my red quilted handbag from years past. It is not of a significant brand, but it holds its own as a handbag. It looks, feels, and works as a handbag. I'm not trying to knock designer handbags and be all "Look at me, I'm so indie!" with my non-brand name handbag. I have had some knock-offs though, and I will use them independently of what anyone thinks. And, I would accept a real CHANEL quilted handbag any time. See, I'm cool like that. I just wish my Michael Kors handbag would quit falling off my lap as I type this while riding on the bus.

(If I had continued with my garden theme, I would have chosen Queen Bee)


  1. I haven't been able to visit for a while, but love the redesigned blog. It looks great!


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Thank you for your (hopefully) kind words! I truly appreciate it (unless you were mean). I will do my bestest to visit your blog and return the favor.

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