M . . . N . . . Oh, hi there!

Sorry I've been MIB. You know, "Missing in Blogland." The weekend was busy, productive, exhaustive, encouraging, and reflective. Now it's back to the daily grind, and my blog A to Z challenge!

M is for Magnolia

Saw this one while out-and-about on Saturday.

The rest of my A to Z--or rather my N to Z-- will be fashion themed instead of garden themed. After all, the main focus of my blog is fashion in my style. (You did read my headline, right?)

N is for Neon

You can't get the full effect of the bright top, but it is quite bordering on neon. With all of the 80s styles resurfacing (leg warmers, stirrup pants/leggings, bolos), perhaps neon will come back?

(If I had kept the garden theme, I would have done Narcissus)

O is for One-piece bathing suit

This reminds me of Jodi from Day2DayWear. No, I don't think of her in a bathing suit, weirdos! She has an awesome zebra print dress and sometimes wears it with red.

(Garden theme would have been Onions)

Come back tomorrow for my P word. On Thursday when I said to come back the next day for my M word, I really meant come back when I post my M word. When would that be? If you follow my blog, you'd know when I post. *Hint, hint*


  1. That bathing suit is totally cute! Bet you can't wait for the warmer weather!

  2. hello! i miss visiting your blog! and cool blogging challenge! :D

  3. Absolutely! I would say neon is back.

    What a fun challenge - sounds, well, challenging!

  4. I like N for Neon. I'm glad it's coming back. Bright, fun colors are the best!


  5. Cute bathing suit! Too bad you'll never be able to wear it unless you go on vacation to some hot/sunny place. ;-)

  6. That is a HOT swimsuit! I really need to find a one-piece. I really want to take my son to the pool at least once this summer to see how he does in water prior to doing any kind of kiddie swim class.

  7. Neon is definitely back, and you wear it well!

    Chic on the Cheap

  8. Great swimsuit! :) And I like neon. Just bought a neon pink dress ánd top.

    Thank you for your comment. I'm glad your back. I always appreciate your comments on my blog.


  9. I love one pieces. I've been staring at a few for months...hoping to buy something non maternity soon :)

  10. you crack me up. how great is that zebra bathing suit? love it! and love neon (and your kitchen!)

    Claire @

  11. That zebra print bathing suit is exactly what I have been looking for- so sassy! I love neon green on you!


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