K is for Koi Pond

This might seem like a stretch for my garden-themed A to Z, but I know some folks have koi ponds in their gardens. My in-laws had one but raccoons thought it was a buffet. Sky Nursery, the nursery I frequent, has a koi pond which winds and has a bridge for foot traffic. The Japanese Gardens in the Washington Park Arboretum in Seattle has a big koi pond with bridges as well. So there. No too big a stretch.

Because I always want to have a picture in my posts, here's a picture of a gift insert card from Monica's Blossoms featuring koi from the Japanese Gardens. I actually had taken pictures of koi there last year but I lost them when my phone went berserk.


  1. The raccoons thought it was a buffet! LOL.

  2. I love Koi, we have a small pond with some in our yard! I found you through Helicopter Mom and I am a new follower here!


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