F is for . . . Flats

I thought of doing Flowers and Fashion because those go with my two main themes for this challenge. I opted not to because I don't want to repeat anything from my previous A to Z challenge. Turns out I did Flowers and I featured them in Fashion for my "F" in 2011.
A pair of Franco Sarto (hey, another "F"!)
flats I purchased this year.
Despite being 4'11", I like wearing flats. A few years back I bought a pair of flats that I thought were super versatile and I thought they would be the only pair I would buy for the season. Two weeks later I purchased four more pairs. (It turns out I started my post about those with similar words as this paragraph!).
 I still wear those flats except the black with zipper bow because I have no idea where they are (maybe in the deep abyss that is my hubby's trunk?). The brown ones are pretty ripped up inside but still look good as new outside. Walking in those are like walking barefoot except without the fear of getting sticky stuff or dirt on my feet. The gold ones could use a paint touch up. I'm pretty sure I could find some fabric spray to do the trick. The red and metallic pink Eccos are still in realy good shape.

 Ooh, another F: Fix! I changed from
the challenge badge to the banner,
 and I'm going to try adding each day's
letter at the end of each post.


  1. Can't say I've ever partaken in flats, but sound like they work for you haha

  2. Oh man, I'm a short gal too, but I love my flats. But they are just a part of my shoe fetish! Haha.

  3. I'm 4'10" and I wear inch-high shoes. No high heels for me either!

  4. You are my kind of gal. I am short and cannot wear heels now, but finally they are making flats that are fashionable, although in the distant past, I remember wearing Capezio flats in high school. Also you like mysteries, I do as well, especially those written by Donna Leon. A new follower.

  5. I am short too, only 5'0. I would rather be comfortable so I wear flats and when I am home I am barefoot!!


  6. Ahh! You're 4'11"! Do you have tiny feet, too? Those are cute shoes! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    1. Funny, I was going to include in my post the fact that I have big feet for my height. I usually wear a 7.5 wide and still have to stretch them out! Sometimes ill go up to an 8 for the room. Most gals my height wear a 5 or 6!

  7. And I thought I was the only short one crazy enough to love flats!


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