I is for . . . Instrumental Music Concert

Desi doesn't like his picture on my blog
so I strategically took a picture blocking
part of his face
Tonight was Desi's Instrumental Music Concert. We started renting his trombone when he was in Kindergarten. I saw a flyer at his school regarding instrument rentals and I asked him what he wanted to play. He motioned like he was playing trombone.
We went to the instrument rental place and checked into it. The lady there wanted to see if he could get any sound first. He could and she was impressed with the sound he got. She struck me as very artsy and not saleswoman-y so I felt she was being genuine. We decided to rent it and I had planned to get Desi private lessons.
Four years later and still no private lessons, he signed up to take trombone in school. About halfway through the schoolyear we officially owned the trombone because it was rent-to-own. So glad for that program!
After the concert tonight I asked Desi if the trombones were playing the same part or if they were split up. He said that their band teacher said they could play the F in first or sixth position. He knew why I was asking because it's obvious when a trombone is off. He was extended when others were not. He was giving extra effort and going for sixth!
I really plan to include the official letter
badge of each day. It's just hard when I
post via my phone. Tonight I am laptop.
I'm so glad that my boys love music because it's always been big in my life. At first Augie didn't want to play an instrument taught in school (he prefers guitar, keyboard, and slide whistle), but he has decided that he wants to play saxophone. I've wanted to take up my cello again but I'm thinking maybe upright bass. Then we could have a family jazz emsemble. What should hubby play?


  1. I love this post because it brings back many memories. I played the flute in the band, as did my daughter. My son, like yours, played the trombone. I always thought the trombone would be the hardest instrument to play, because like you said, it'd be very hard to "fake it" without being "caught." :) As for what should your husband play in your family jazz band? Sounds like you need a drummer. :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! -- Jan

  2. My children are just at that age where they're picking out their instruments. It's an exciting time.
    You must've been so proud of him!

  3. Sounds amazing. My daughter played flute beautifully but she hasn't picked it up for ages and my son plays the saxaphone but he doesn't have time now either. Maybe when they retire!

    Rosalind Adam is Writing in the Rain

  4. I used to play clarinet and rent-a-instrument is a good thing. You should definitely pick up your the bass or cello if that is what you want to do. GO for it!

    Thanks for coming by and I am following you.
    ~Naila Moon


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