H is for . . . Hedges

Our hedges were ridiculous. Overgrown, uneven, a real eyesore. I had mentioned to my husband a few times that we should hire someone to cut them. I wasn't hinting at him to do it because he has pretty bad allergies. Imagine my surprise when I got home from work last Monday evening and he was hacking away at them!

Day 1/Monday: The start of something beautiful

He escaped without allergy attacks (not as bad as freshly mown grass), but he did not escape the angry teeth aka thorns of the blackberry bushes that infiltrated the hedge. A man at his work asked if he has a cat because of all the scratches on his arm. We do but Moses the Junior Steamboat doesn't do that.

I forgot to take pictures after Tuesday's progress so I asked hubby to take a pic on Wednesday before he continued on. He got carried away and took three. Wouldn't you after all this hard work? It's nice to see the fruitage of your labors.

VoilĂ ! So excited about our hedges' new spring look!


  1. My garden is about 15 years old. I was super excited about it before a became a full-time writer. Not so much now, however. LOL! I don't have the time to keep it up. LOL!

  2. The good thing about hedges is you can cut them back severely and they'll soon show signs of new leaves. We have a hawthorn hedge which is lethal!

    Rosalind Adam is Writing in the Rain

  3. I like the before and after shots. It give me hope for my own hedges.

  4. Your hubby sure is adorable. And given that my "garden" comprises of three window sills, I am so very envious of your space.

    Thank you for stopping by and subscribing. I will have to do the same too, because even in the little space I have, I love gardening.

    Coffee Rings Everywhere

  5. Ooh, they were icky! Here's to spring awakening!

  6. Love the before and after. I try to be a gardener but I'm so not good at it! Maybe some day my black thumb will turn green!


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