R is for Rainboots

I think I was on the phone with my brother
pointing to where I thought they were

The rain subsided and the mud dried on my boots
Or in the case of today, mudboots. More on that story tomorrow!
You can't see the mud as well on my niece's boots, but I had to include
this pic because these boots are too cute! They are a brand called Bogs.
What I like about these is that the upper part is cushy, waterproof, and
keeps out the cold. Because I can't tuck my jeans in my boots (big calves),
 the hard rubber of my boot was rubbing against my leg and chafing me.
 I need Bogs! (Okay, I could wear knee-high socks)


  1. They do make some very pretty wellingtons these days, much better than when I was young and you just had black or green if you were richer, rubber boots.

  2. Thanks for the recent visit Jen - these boots sure do look like they are made for walking...

  3. I'm loving the little handles on top of those boots, very handy i bet!

  4. I've never been a big fan of rain boots - I'd just as soon go barefoot in the rain, but I always thought the my girls would look cute in them.


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