O is for . . . OOTD

I should have cropped this pic. 
Or cleaned my floors.

I used to think that OOTD stood for "One of these Days." What do you think it means?

• One Orangutan Takes Detroit!
• Only Oliver Tap Dances
• Orcas Opt to Dive

One Oddball to Dress
I discovered that it stands for "Outfit of the Day." In all my time reading other fashion blogs, I didn't realize that. It wasn't until my niece posted her outfit of the day for an Instagram challenge.
I can't stand still when being photographed. 
What's that weird light/reflection?
I don't particularly like this outfit but I can't complain about having clothes on my back. I should have taken a picture of my outfit from yesterday. Not that it was so spectacular. It was pieces I put together that I usually wouldn't and I like how it turned out. Of course, I would have had to change this post's title to "O is for . . . OOY." LOL! (See what I did there?)


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