T and U are for . . . Time's Up!

Okay, time is almost up for this A to Z blogging challenge so it's time for me to make up posts. I mean make up for missing posts, not make up a bunch of tales.

T is for . . . Trombone Tie Tack

 U is for . . . Umbrella

Moses the Junior Steamboat peeking out. Did you notice him sneaking in in the first pic?

The boys wanted me to do trombone to go along with my I post. I said I would but instead of featuring Desi's trombone again, I thought I'd feature his trombone tie tack. It's fashion related after all!

I consider umbrellas fashion related as well. This is my Burberry knock off. I have a few different fashionable umbrellas. You can't have too many umbrellas in Seattle. I have one at work, a few in the van, and many at home.


  1. We need a stash of umbrellas here in the UK as well! I have useful ones, usually black, and I also have a 'best' umbrella.

  2. hey I did U for umbrella Too! but more about not needing one in AZ. I have only fashion umbrellas now, one a great big pink zinnia.

  3. Times up is a good use of T & U. Every time I get an umbrella I love, I end up wearing it out. I used to have a newspaper cartoon umbrella. It was great. And then it broke. :(


  4. Love it! And that's a handsome umbrella.


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