C is for . . . Cardigan

Cardigans should be a staple for every Seattleite, including men. I never thought my husband would wear one but a friend lent him a cardigan one chilly evening and said he could keep it when we left. It's more the style of cardigan that you picture a man wearing with house slippers while reading the paper. (Pants, too, sillies!) I thought my hubby kept the gifted cardigan to be nice but he really likes it!

The reason I say that cardigans should be a staple for Seattleites is because of the wacky weather we tend to have sometimes. Cold in the morning may transform to a warm afternoon, Dr. Jekyl itself into wind and rain late afternoon, then calm down to a pleasant evening. To be prepared, one must add layers and be able to peel off and redress in an instant. Monday and Tuesday of this week were supposed to be sunny but turned out more gray and chill--but at least not rainy! Today, who knows?
I am prepared!

I had a training meeting today and 9 of the 11 woman at our table wore cardigans!


  1. I love cardigans! My friends think I have so many clothes but it's because I'm fond of matching my sleeveless with different styles of cardigans, that's why.

    Sincerely,Miss Uncertain---sidetracked

  2. I think Seattle and Buffalo (where I'm from) have a lot in common - bad reputation for rain, bad reputation for snow, etc. Cardigans are the perfect solution!


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