L is for . . . Lollygagging

Our cat, Moses the Junior Steamboat, lollygagging once upon a time
If I don't write my post the night before I'm going to post it, I will end up changing my word for the A to Z Challenge. And, I'll end up straying from my garden and fashion and theme. The letter L is a good example.

I was planning to do leggings as in what I wore often in the 80s and have been back in style for some time now. Then I was going to do lavender but assumed I did that for my last A to Z and I assumed correctly. Then I decided that I should stop lollygagging about it. Lollygagging!

That is such a fun word. I think it's a new favorite up there with wackadoodle and hullabaloo. Do you have a favorite word that's a little wonky?


  1. Never heard the word before, but it sounds lovely. Am going to use it a bit now- lollygagging. It definitely has a ring to it.

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Coffee Rings Everywhere

  2. I love the word Lollygagging. I use it quite often because it seems like that is what I like to do lately. Ha
    wanna buy a duck

  3. I love lollygagging. I'm a word nerd, so I just LOVE unusual or funny sounding words. My current favorite is boondoggle.
    Thanks for coming by at Life is Good. Glad you found a solution for your cat's antics...all four of us are allergic, so we have no cats.
    I'm your new follower. You had me at your tagline. Describes me perfectly...5'3.5" and not as skinny as I want to be...but then again, who is??

    Tina @ Life is Good
    Co-host, April 2013 A-Z Challenge Blog
    @TinaLifeisGood, #atozchallenge

  4. Love the word lollygagging, it's so descriptive.
    Following from A - z

  5. Lollygagging ... good L-Day pick!
    HAPPY A-Z,
    Thanks for visiting Practically at Home.

  6. I'm a wackadoodle fan, too. Thanks for visiting Buttercup's. Please stop by often.

  7. Lollygagging is a great word
    I love the word doohicky!
    Just plug it in every time you
    forget the name of something..really
    anything! It works!


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