B is for . . . Bummer!

B is also for "Bulbs" which was my initial idea for "B". Here is a picture to enjoy which I had posted on instagram. The reason it's a screenshot of my picture has to do with the story below.
Now back to the bummer . . .
My phone died on Monday. I was so discombobulated for the latter half of the day. What did we ever do before wireless phones?
Initially I thought I would have to get a new phone which most people would probably jump at the chance to do because it's all about keeping up with the latest and greatest. The most current iPhone is the 5 and I have a 3GS. That's like many generations ago!
Well, I was able to revive my phone although it had amnesia. Yes, everything was gone! I tried to restore to my most recent backup which was last September. It didn't work and I decided to give up and make do. I was able to upgrade to the most recent operating system 6.1.3 and I have the cloud, so I'm fine keeping this old thing.
Ooh! Another B is "Badge". I changed my blog layout and added the A to Z challenge badge to my sidebar. Check out others in the challenge!


  1. I like the way your mind works, a little like mine. Now that might not be a compliment for you, because my mind doesn't know how to go in a straight line and I'm sure yours does. :-) I loved that your blog had been in hibernation, and so happy you came out for the A to Z challenge. Now for me to figure out how to add that badge.

  2. I love your Instagram photo caption, too funny!


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