Monday Match Up II: My Want (But Don't Need) List

It's Monday Match Up time and it's my "want" list again. If you have a want/wish list or have featured in one of your posts an item that I am listing, link up below! You should not have a post to match my first want exactly or my paranoia is well-founded.

My Want (But Don't Need) List

Share a picture of my son Desi dressed as a mime for our congregation's talent show over the weekend--My hubby and I decided when I first started this blog that I would not feature pictures of our boys. I do, however, share their names. Some bloggers do the opposite and share pictures, but use pseudonyms or just an initial. Some share pictures and names. To each his/her own. I have pictures that I've blurred, so I may post them sometime during the week.

Yellow shoes--I kind of did a flats overload in the fall, so I think I'd like a pair of yellow heels or wedges. Hanna with Banhannas wore a pair for Petite Fashion Challenge #6.

O•P•I Black Shatter nail polish--I first saw Katie from Fashion's Maven wear this, then saw Sandra from Sealverland with it. I don't usually wear nail polish on my fingernails, but I'd be willing to give it a whirl. Or, I can wear it on my little piggies.

A free life-time supply of latt├ęs or other foofy coffee drinks I desire from any and all coffee shops I visit--'Nough said.

Tis I for now.


  1. Love yellow shoes for spring or summer...oh and if you get the black shatter polish, please share;)

    Aesthetic Lounge

  2. Me too, want yellow shoes and those cool nail polish but they were actually sold out at my fave salon!

    Hey Jen... Jeeeen... =)

    Btw, the Mystery Blog Project is now revealed! Come and join us!



    It's OUT! Come and join The Pajama Project!

    Twenty York Street

    Twenty York Street's The Pajama Project

  3. I too want yellow shoes! Ballet flats, preferably, but I feel frivolous in wanting them because I already have red, blue, and black flats. Maybe if I go with espadrilles I can justify the yellow.
    P.S.: Your last comment was hilarious and so thoughtful (it shows how long you've been reading my posts). Lagoonish dreamers unite!

  4. Yellow shoes are definitely on my wish list! They give such a gorgeous pop of color but it's so hard to not only find the color you want but also a style that is comfy/cute - good luck and let us know what you find!

  5. A lifetime supply of lattes sounds pretty amazing :)

  6. Yellow shoes are a necessity! You'd be surprised with how much you can pair them with!


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