Monday Match Up I: My Want (But Don't Need) List

It's Monday Match-Up time! Initially I was thinking I would make a Monday feature where I list my "want" list, then you join the Linky Party if you have worn/featured an item from my list. Then I thought I could expand it so you could also/instead link up your wish list from a recent post because I know many bloggers make similar types of lists. Then I thought maybe I would mix it up on some Mondays and have a completely different match up.

So, my Monday feature will be "Monday Match Up" instead of "My Want (But Don't Need) List Monday Match Up." I already have a Linky Party with a long name. Well, some weeks will feature my want list but others will feature something else. This week is the want list. I hope this all makes sense!

My Want (But Don't Need) List

• Another open-front cardi/shrug--I used to run hot mostly but now it seems that I go back-and-forth. Cardis are a great layering piece for this reason. I'd like one with dolman sleeves because the large armholes make for great ventilation.

I wore this open-front cardigan because I'm wearing a skirt as a top and it helped cover awkward spots (I'm also wearing a top as a skirt in this pic from my fall 30 for 30)

• Solid bright tights--I have lots of funky tights but not much in the way of bright solid opaque tights. I'd like a pair or two for those days when I just want to throw on a black dress and add the shock of color.

• Printed opaque tights--I've seen a few bloggers with opaque tights with prints. I want to say I've seen one with a Monet design.

I'm wearing nets over burgundy tights, but I want brighter!

• TOMS wedge espadrilles--The premise behind TOMS is wonderful: We buy a pair, TOMS gives a pair to a child in need. That being said, the flats are not for me but they look cute on others. I DO like the espadrilles and would like a pair for spring/summer.

You can still join the "It's a Small World" Linky.


  1. wow, printed opaque tights? I don't think i've ever seen them. I hope you get a pair, because then I can see them on your blog!

  2. Those tights are rad! You have such cute style, I love it!! Can't wait to read more!

  3. Thanks for the link up! Do I use the Fashion Mob button on the post I linked up? Will that button lead people back to the right spot for this?

  4. Ah, never mind, I found the Jen Hemming and Hawing Button and used it at the end of my post to show that I linked up with you . Thanks!

  5. love the lavendar sweater with the brown boots! very cute! and TOMS are so great! i want a pair too!

  6. Love to see a post from you I have really missed them!!:) Awesome Open cardi!!! I love the dolman sleeves, because my arms are what I like least about me. lol

  7. I love TOMS wedge espadrilles! They are super cute, and it's a really great cause.

  8. Can we see a close up of that belt? Looks CUTE!

  9. Your son must be SUPER COOL if he can pose as dorky as I can!

    As for bright tights. DO IT. Go to Target and take one of everything.


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