30 for 30 Day 29: No Leap Year

With February being a short month, my easy way of remembering which challenge day I'm on has been disrupted. The first 28 days of this challenge had a good rhythm (well, except for days when I doubled or tripled up). Now I'm on Day 29, Outfit 29, Date--the 1st of the month. What?

I thought I'd wear my green top with the bow playing peekaboo again. Last time I did it with a cardi.

My stylist Augie preferred a scarf instead of my brown/gold belt, worn lower than higher (so the green bow wouldn't touch it), and turned to the side.


"PreppyRing" TinyGoatStudios


  1. The green bow peeking out is so cute! I love that color on you. :) That ring is gorgeous as well. Green is my favorite color!

  2. I love this effect! I'm going to recreate it with the one bow tie blouse I have!

  3. I love that top! and those jeans look so good on you. Beautiful as always!

  4. That's EXACTLY how I felt with the outfit numbers! I made it even worse when I skipped a day. ACK!

    That bow top is SO great on you! So fun and pretty!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  5. You look fantastic here! Love everything about the outfit down to the shoes. Your "stylist" did a nice job!!

    Aesthetic Lounge


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