Super Duper Stripes

Okay, so when I scheduled yesterday's post, I totally forgot about Super Stripes Week with Megan Mae Daily. Then as I was putting my outfit together in my head while lying lazily in bed, I remembered. So, I wore stripes but just didn't post them yesterday. So, you get a double dose hence the "Duper" in my post title. Get it?

Monday's stripes
Jen-in-a-cube. Chevron stripes.
See this post for a full view of the top
These striped net socks were a total fluke.
I grabbed the first matching pair I could find.

Today's stripes

The Desi

Can't really see the stripes in the previous two pics.
This is my "Waiting for the bus" shot.
Top ring: Citrine, Jewelscapes
Botton ring: "Snot Bubble" (I named), TinyGoatStudios
(I will only wear non-sale TGS rings going forward)
Since Super Stripes Week will still be going on Saturday, the Fashion Blog Flash Mob wardrobe will be stripes (genius), and the pose will be cheerleader pose. I dunno why.

The Linky to Monday Match Up is still open!


  1. Hooray for two days of stripes! I love the accidental striped socks. The yellow knit vest is adorable.

  2. Love all your stripes! So cool that you grabbed striped socks, too!!

  3. NO!!! I'm boycotting FBFM! Stripes AND cheerleader pose??

    Well, okay, for you my friend, I will do it...

    Amber Lena Fashion
    outfits FOR SALE from $10!

  4. Stripes are so fun, and I'm sure I've got some in my closet;)
    Love the yellow top on you

    Aesthetic Lounge

  5. I heart stripes! Love how you paired the pinstripes with the yellow! Those rings are also so pretty - I love that you named one "snot bubble" :D

  6. This is a very pretty outfit. I love that yellow cardi on you!

  7. hilarious that you have to do cheerleader pose. hope it's something that has you jumping in the air. woo hoo!

    love pinstripes. you look cute. and that striped top is fun!

  8. I love those tights...they're perfect with your look! =)
    Kristina J.

  9. Love those big buckles on your shoes. Really cute.

  10. Ooh! I like the yellow knit! And I'm really glad you pointed out the stripes in the pants - I definitely didn't see them! Happy stripes!


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