Fashion Blog Flash Mob--Act III Scene II "It's a Small World"

Initially I made the pose for this Flashion Mob something that would fit the premise of my Saturday Shout Out: actually shouting (in praise, not anger), high five, a curtsy, bow, etc. However, in connection to recent events in Japan, I'm thinking that the pose should be a more somber one: bowed head, clasped hands, look of reflection, etc. (I may do a Sunday edition of the Shout Out feature with a Linky party if I threw you a curve and you want to link then)

The wardrobe was supposed to be a dress or skirt, but I'm flexible. Link up a recent post or a past one fitting the pose with or without skirt/dress. I usually schedule my FBFM posts for just after midnight, but I'm still awake. I keep watching the news. I think it's time for beddy-by. I'll be back in the morning to post my outfit.


  1. This is a really good idea - great post!! Will be back later to see who else links up.


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