Colorless in Seattle

It's gray out, I'm wearing gray, my cube walls are gray . . . I sense a theme.

Jen-in-a-cube. I assembled these earrings and this necklace a while back from some shells I got from Jo-Ann Fabrics. Yes, they are heavy.

What else is on my mind? 
• I like blog challenges
• I don't like taking daily pictures of myself
• If I had a camera with a timer and a tripod, I might be better about it
• I'm a comedienne, I wouldn't take the time to set up everything in between dropping off my boys at school and rushing to catch the bus for work
• My school drop off-to-bus time range is about :08
• I wish I could work from home 
• I don't like homework

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  1. You look beautiful!! Love the earrings and necklace!!

  2. Ah, sounds like your having an off day. I love blog challenges too :)

  3. i wish i could work from home, too! it would be so lovely to stay in my pajamas all day.

    even though gray is widely known as a "blah" color, i love wearing it. makes me feel comfy for some reason.

  4. I would love a new camera and a tripod! Love the necklace and earrings, girl! My gosh, you are so talented!

  5. LizzyPunch is having a no-shoe challenge next Tuesday.

    Why is Flash mob postponed indef? :-(

  6. Well you spiced up your gray with some fabulous red lips! You look great. And you're hilarious :)

  7. I am sorry you are feeling so gray. I am not sure if it helps but your Bla'ness made me laugh, I know the feeling.

    I never like pictures of myself, it looks like my kids have a great dad and mom.

    Happy Friday,


  8. You did a great job on that necklace and the earrings! :) I would also love to work from home.... :)

    Better Than a Milk Mustache

  9. i don't love taking pictures of myself, either...maybe if i worked from home, i'd have more time, though =)

  10. Haven't been over in a bit and am catching up on what's going on with you. It sounds like you're trying to clarify the content of your blog..? Whatever you decide, I hope that you make sure that you love it. That's the most important thing ;)

    Lindsay Living


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