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Jen-in-a-Cube. Jewelscapes Mother-of-Pearl necklace

Today I'm linking up with Jewelscapes for "What I Wore Wednesday" and A Taste of T for "What's on Your Mind? Wednesday" (although this is her Virtual Baby Shower Week, so everyone's mind is on that and I forgot).

• I don't have a head-to-toe outfit shot because photography is too expensive

• Okay, I don't pay my photographers, but time is money

• I don't have much time

• The rest of my outfit is not that interesting

• Unless gray slacks and square-toed booties interest you

• You interested in buying me exciting slacks and booties?

• If beggars can be choosers, can you buy me mid-calf boots instead?

• If beggars can be choosers, can choosers be beggars?

• If A = B, does B always = A?

• If Desi = My son, does my son always = Desi?

• You're welcome for the math lesson!

Ooh, my mind just remembered this:

• Come join me for the Fashion Blog Flash Mob on Saturday

• Wear a dress or skirt or dress as a skirt, and pose for Saturday Shout Out

• I promise to minimize the math on that day


  1. Nice. And it apparently hurts so bad I'm pluralizing random words.

  2. Happy St.Patty's Day - Thanks for joining stripes week. And I hope you're able to do it. =D Feel free to only do a couple of days if it doesn't work out.

  3. You = silly. I am dreaming up what dress I can wear while gardening at home with my kids for Flash Mob....

    Amber Lena
    outfits FOR SALE from $10!

  4. I love all this. Helps me get to know you better. You're hilarious! where's this flash mob? and BTW, really like your necklace.


  5. Hahah, this is too funny. Cute post!


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