Saturday Shout Out: Won a Giveaway (and Hosting a Giveaway)

Today's shout out is a 3-in-1 because I won my second blog contest!

• A shout out to Melissa Nucera who is a graphic artist with two Etsy shops: This Year's Girl which features "Whimsical & Vintage Inspired Handmade Jewelry", and Visual Sentiments which features "Original Art and Accessories". She sponsored a contest for a $25 certificate to each shop! Her prices are reasonable for such lovely decorative art and wearable art. I chose "The Queen" as my print. I will share what I chose from Visual Sentiments when I wear them, and of course link back to her shop because you will be tempted :D

• A shout out to Take It From Me which reviewed some of her pieces and did a beautiful write up. They hosted her giveaway and I was quick to enter. This is one I really, really wanted to win. Of course I want to win all contests I enter, but this is one I kept going back to check because I just really, really like Melissa's jewelry and artwork.

• A shout out to for randomly choosing my entry and for being a free service because I plan to use them for my giveaway (great segue, huh?).

"Path of the Comet"

Enter my first blog giveaway sponsored by TinyGoatStudios! Win a statement ring similar to the one above, and one of your choice! See Thursday's post for details and to enter.

One note: More items will be added to the shop. If you find one you like better than what you mentioned in your mandatory entry, no need to delete your comment and update in a new one. If you win, just let me know your final decision then.

Have a wonderful weekend! Wander a little.

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  1. Hey Jen!! yes, I am in victoria.. you need to let me know next time you are coming this way and we can meet.. I am going to Ottawa for work this week and am meeting another blogger for the first time... so exciting!!

    you are just a ferry ride away girlfriend.. so come on up!!! Yes, I LOVE Ferris' also... a good friend of mine works there!!! Anyway.. have to pack for my trip so toodle doo for now!! xoxo J

  2. Hi Jen...just stopped over from FTLOB comment love day. Nice ring! And congrats on winning your second blog contest! =)

    Isabel @

  3. Well, originally I was supposed to be dropping by the FTLOB's Weekend Wander. But today they're hosting something called Comment Love Day, so I guess you can say that I'm here for both :) Thanks for popping by my blog yesterday! Personally, I'm starting to think that I should come by this way more often so that some of your luck can rub off on me! Congrats on winning the blog contest!!!!!

  4. oh wow, winning two already? that just awesome.

  5. Such a unique ring! Did you have a chance to enter my giveaway yet? Have a great day!

  6. congrats on winning!
    and the ring is so pretty, the color is fab.

    Chic on the Cheap

  7. Congrats on winning! Always fun :)


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