WoMM Wednesday

It's WoMM Wednesday! You know, WoMM! Okay, it stands for What's on Your Mind Wednesday, and I'm linking up with A Taste of T. Okay, that would be WoYM.

Jen-in-a-Cube. Do I look pensive?

 What's on my mind? (See! WoMM)
  • I am a contributing writer for Seattle Mamas! I found this out hours after I decided to slow down on my daily blog posts, so the timing could not have been better for everything to fall into place. Click the icon for my first post. It's not genuis or amazing, but you might learn something new. Or not.
  • I am not the multi-tasker I was before
  • I still like cheese
  • This binder clip makes a better ring model than my pudgy, wrinkled fingers
"Tornado" Tiny Goat Studios


  1. hee hee, you're funny! love what's on your mind. your rings are lovely too! the preppy one is my fave!


  2. WOW Jen!! that is awesome, funny how life works out sometimes..


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