Pattern Mixing--Stripes and Whatever This is Called

Jacket closed
Jacket open (I'm suddenly thinking of The Karate Kid).
What on the ground is so interesting?
Better (but not great) view of the pin-stripes
on my skirt and the pattern on the jacket.
Ring: "Fruit seeds" TinyGoatStudios cutting room floor.
Earring: Romy

As mentioned yesterday, today I had a meeting to attend where the speaker was one of the Presidents of our company. It was suggested that we dress how we would for an interview, and I have worn this jacket on an interview (didn't get the job). I wore it with a black a-line skirt but thought this time I'd wear it with a pinstriped pencil skirt and pattern mix! Actually, I chose the skirt first since it's "Super Stripes Week" at Megan Mae Daily.

I don't think of wearing a power suit to an interview like I would have fresh out of college. I would wear a power suit if I were going for a power job like a Director, Executive, of Queen of the Mountain--but I'm not. I still think this is professional yet not stuffy. I think it's important to dress for the part aka the position for which you are interviewing. I currently work in Finance for a Major Retailer. Professional yet not stuffy (and hopefully somewhat fashionable).


  1. You look lovely! Though you're right, the jacket does look a bit like a yukata if left unbuttoned, but I think references to traditional asian clothing are super chic, so there you have it. The earrings are right for spring!

  2. You look beautiful as always, cool you work for a retailer. The Ring and earrings are also very awesome.

  3. I like the pattern mixing. You're right - subtle enough for professional dress, but still fashionable!


  4. I think you look professional, but still stylish. That's a great little ring.

  5. You look very profesh:) Hope it went well!

    Aesthetic Lounge

  6. Professional yet not stuffy. Yep, you nailed it! I really like this, especially with the jacket closed because it shows off your waist better. You look great! Hope you enjoyed the presentation. :)

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet


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