Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Colorless in Seattle

It's gray out, I'm wearing gray, my cube walls are gray . . . I sense a theme.

Jen-in-a-cube. I assembled these earrings and this necklace a while back from some shells I got from Jo-Ann Fabrics. Yes, they are heavy.

What else is on my mind? 
• I like blog challenges
• I don't like taking daily pictures of myself
• If I had a camera with a timer and a tripod, I might be better about it
• I'm a comedienne, I wouldn't take the time to set up everything in between dropping off my boys at school and rushing to catch the bus for work
• My school drop off-to-bus time range is about :08
• I wish I could work from home 
• I don't like homework

Linking up with A Taste of T and Jewelscapes.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday Match Up II: My Want (But Don't Need) List

It's Monday Match Up time and it's my "want" list again. If you have a want/wish list or have featured in one of your posts an item that I am listing, link up below! You should not have a post to match my first want exactly or my paranoia is well-founded.

My Want (But Don't Need) List

Share a picture of my son Desi dressed as a mime for our congregation's talent show over the weekend--My hubby and I decided when I first started this blog that I would not feature pictures of our boys. I do, however, share their names. Some bloggers do the opposite and share pictures, but use pseudonyms or just an initial. Some share pictures and names. To each his/her own. I have pictures that I've blurred, so I may post them sometime during the week.

Yellow shoes--I kind of did a flats overload in the fall, so I think I'd like a pair of yellow heels or wedges. Hanna with Banhannas wore a pair for Petite Fashion Challenge #6.

O•P•I Black Shatter nail polish--I first saw Katie from Fashion's Maven wear this, then saw Sandra from Sealverland with it. I don't usually wear nail polish on my fingernails, but I'd be willing to give it a whirl. Or, I can wear it on my little piggies.

A free life-time supply of latt├ęs or other foofy coffee drinks I desire from any and all coffee shops I visit--'Nough said.

Tis I for now.

Friday, March 25, 2011

When Stripes Become Another Pattern

Something about this outfit makes me think about the 80s. Okay, the stirrups are a given. I think it's also the undersized vest. This burgundy sweater isn't a top I would usually wear with this vest. I'm glad I need to do laundry because I'm being forced to wear combinations I usually wouldn't wear.

Jen-in-a-cube. Earrings: The Shag bag

See, herringbone is made from little stripes zig-zagging all over the place. My co-worker actually asked me where my stripes were and I had to point them out. Pretty sneaky, sis!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pattern Mixing--Stripes and Whatever This is Called

Jacket closed
Jacket open (I'm suddenly thinking of The Karate Kid).
What on the ground is so interesting?
Better (but not great) view of the pin-stripes
on my skirt and the pattern on the jacket.
Ring: "Fruit seeds" TinyGoatStudios cutting room floor.
Earring: Romy

As mentioned yesterday, today I had a meeting to attend where the speaker was one of the Presidents of our company. It was suggested that we dress how we would for an interview, and I have worn this jacket on an interview (didn't get the job). I wore it with a black a-line skirt but thought this time I'd wear it with a pinstriped pencil skirt and pattern mix! Actually, I chose the skirt first since it's "Super Stripes Week" at Megan Mae Daily.

I don't think of wearing a power suit to an interview like I would have fresh out of college. I would wear a power suit if I were going for a power job like a Director, Executive, of Queen of the Mountain--but I'm not. I still think this is professional yet not stuffy. I think it's important to dress for the part aka the position for which you are interviewing. I currently work in Finance for a Major Retailer. Professional yet not stuffy (and hopefully somewhat fashionable).

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Petite Fashion Super Stripe Challenger Person

Or as they say in the biz, PFSSCP. I don't know who they are or what biz, but don't question the PFSSCPness!

Petite Fashion Challenge #6 is hosted by the lovely Jess of Stylepint. The challenge: Dress up your basics. In short (no pun intended), wear a tee and a pair of jeans and dress it all up. My abbreviated description is partly due to laziness and partly a ruse to have you press the pretty PFC button. (But make sure you come back here!)

Here is my attempt:

I thought I'd spare you the pics with the
jacket unbuttoned. They were gut-a-rific!

I have no idea what I'm doing. I don't have flavored lipstuff.

Jen-in-a-cube. Earrings: Little Charm.
Ring: "Watch Me Juggle", TinyGoatStudios cutting room floor 
I'm wearing a gray Old Navy raglan tee and Kut from the Kloth jeans. These are an older pair but I still love them. I have two newer pairs but they have brown stitching and I thought the blue would match the gray better. These used to be longer but I managed to shrink them, so no super high heels today. I really wanted to wear my one pair of platform heels that I've featured a lot lately to really dress it all up, but it would have looked really funny. I can't remember if Kut offers petites sizes. These are a regular and since I bought them during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, the hemming was free.

I put together this outfit in my head and almost ditched the velvet jacket. I thought it would be too dressy, but that's the name of the challenge. I think it worked?

Check out all of the other PFC participants tomorrow. Yep, believe it or not, I'm early. See, I have a meeting tomorrow where one of the Presidents of our company is speaking, so I can't wear jeans. Well, I doubt we'll make eye contact so he probably wouldn't notice if I was wearing pajamas, let alone jeans. But, my managers will notice. When it's suggested that we dress like we're going on an interview, I should at least halfway attempt. TBC tomorrow . . .

Oh yeah, one more thing: I'm linking up with Jewelscapes, a Taste of T, and probably something else.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Super Duper Stripes

Okay, so when I scheduled yesterday's post, I totally forgot about Super Stripes Week with Megan Mae Daily. Then as I was putting my outfit together in my head while lying lazily in bed, I remembered. So, I wore stripes but just didn't post them yesterday. So, you get a double dose hence the "Duper" in my post title. Get it?

Monday's stripes
Jen-in-a-cube. Chevron stripes.
See this post for a full view of the top
These striped net socks were a total fluke.
I grabbed the first matching pair I could find.

Today's stripes

The Desi

Can't really see the stripes in the previous two pics.
This is my "Waiting for the bus" shot.
Top ring: Citrine, Jewelscapes
Botton ring: "Snot Bubble" (I named), TinyGoatStudios
(I will only wear non-sale TGS rings going forward)
Since Super Stripes Week will still be going on Saturday, the Fashion Blog Flash Mob wardrobe will be stripes (genius), and the pose will be cheerleader pose. I dunno why.

The Linky to Monday Match Up is still open!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday Match Up I: My Want (But Don't Need) List

It's Monday Match-Up time! Initially I was thinking I would make a Monday feature where I list my "want" list, then you join the Linky Party if you have worn/featured an item from my list. Then I thought I could expand it so you could also/instead link up your wish list from a recent post because I know many bloggers make similar types of lists. Then I thought maybe I would mix it up on some Mondays and have a completely different match up.

So, my Monday feature will be "Monday Match Up" instead of "My Want (But Don't Need) List Monday Match Up." I already have a Linky Party with a long name. Well, some weeks will feature my want list but others will feature something else. This week is the want list. I hope this all makes sense!

My Want (But Don't Need) List

• Another open-front cardi/shrug--I used to run hot mostly but now it seems that I go back-and-forth. Cardis are a great layering piece for this reason. I'd like one with dolman sleeves because the large armholes make for great ventilation.

I wore this open-front cardigan because I'm wearing a skirt as a top and it helped cover awkward spots (I'm also wearing a top as a skirt in this pic from my fall 30 for 30)

• Solid bright tights--I have lots of funky tights but not much in the way of bright solid opaque tights. I'd like a pair or two for those days when I just want to throw on a black dress and add the shock of color.

• Printed opaque tights--I've seen a few bloggers with opaque tights with prints. I want to say I've seen one with a Monet design.

I'm wearing nets over burgundy tights, but I want brighter!

• TOMS wedge espadrilles--The premise behind TOMS is wonderful: We buy a pair, TOMS gives a pair to a child in need. That being said, the flats are not for me but they look cute on others. I DO like the espadrilles and would like a pair for spring/summer.

You can still join the "It's a Small World" Linky.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

My Review

We Are Not Kidding You!

By wannabefolkie from Seattle, WA on 3/20/2011


4out of 5

My 6- and 8-year-old sons played this as soon as it arrived. They found it crazy and funny. It was a good game for their ages that they could play without adults. A good substitute for TV!


Addendum: I totally didn't know my review was going to post like this. Whatever, I'll leave it. This was my review of a board game called "You Gotta Be Kidding."

See previous post for the Linky party.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fashion Blog Flash Mob--Act III Scene II "It's a Small World"

Initially I made the pose for this Flashion Mob something that would fit the premise of my Saturday Shout Out: actually shouting (in praise, not anger), high five, a curtsy, bow, etc. However, in connection to recent events in Japan, I'm thinking that the pose should be a more somber one: bowed head, clasped hands, look of reflection, etc. (I may do a Sunday edition of the Shout Out feature with a Linky party if I threw you a curve and you want to link then)

The wardrobe was supposed to be a dress or skirt, but I'm flexible. Link up a recent post or a past one fitting the pose with or without skirt/dress. I usually schedule my FBFM posts for just after midnight, but I'm still awake. I keep watching the news. I think it's time for beddy-by. I'll be back in the morning to post my outfit.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Linky Linky Kind of Girl

Jen-in-a-Cube. Jewelscapes Mother-of-Pearl necklace

Today I'm linking up with Jewelscapes for "What I Wore Wednesday" and A Taste of T for "What's on Your Mind? Wednesday" (although this is her Virtual Baby Shower Week, so everyone's mind is on that and I forgot).

• I don't have a head-to-toe outfit shot because photography is too expensive

• Okay, I don't pay my photographers, but time is money

• I don't have much time

• The rest of my outfit is not that interesting

• Unless gray slacks and square-toed booties interest you

• You interested in buying me exciting slacks and booties?

• If beggars can be choosers, can you buy me mid-calf boots instead?

• If beggars can be choosers, can choosers be beggars?

• If A = B, does B always = A?

• If Desi = My son, does my son always = Desi?

• You're welcome for the math lesson!

Ooh, my mind just remembered this:

• Come join me for the Fashion Blog Flash Mob on Saturday

• Wear a dress or skirt or dress as a skirt, and pose for Saturday Shout Out

• I promise to minimize the math on that day

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

TinyGoatStudios March 2011 Giveaway Winner!

Sorry for the delay in generating and announcing the winner of my TinyGoatStudios March 2011 Giveaway. My day job just gets in the way of my blogging :D

While I had more than 21 comments on the post for this giveaway, I only counted the eligible ones: ones that did the mandatory entry, then the bonus ones that were mentioned in a separate comment letting me know what they did to earn the bonus entry. That left 21 entries. I used this tool from which chose #10, then I counted through the eligible entries again and #10 is . . . Emily from Bright Tights, Big City! She will receive the blue "Path of the Comet" ring and a ring of her choice.

I decided to pick a second winner for technical reasons. I think you'd agree that it's fair that I left out comments that were not eligible for entry. One of the entries I did include in the 21 was a Tweet. I figured that that would be similar to a blog post about my giveaway. Then I realized that others might have wanted to Tweet for an extra entry but didn't know they could. I didn't officially make this an option for a bonus entry since I don't do Twitter and didn't want to be hypocritical. But, I made the executive decision to include it. Still I thought I'd draw another winner excluding the tweet entry, and chose #10 again. And the second winner is . . . Amber from Social Butterfly! She will receive the ring of her choice.


Congratulations! Thank you all for entering. This was just my first giveaway. I'll probably use LinkyTools or some sort of form next time. I want it to be fair and square!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Want (but Don't Need) List

Jen-in-a-Cube. Is this considered a Peter Pan Collar?

I've been seeing posts about Peter Pan collars lately and discovered that 1) I didn't know this collar shape is called that and 2) I want a Peter Pan collar blouse or dress.

I've had a mental list of items with specific features that I would like, all due to perusing fashion blog after fashion blog. Now I will put that list to paper so-to-speak and share with you.

My Want List

1) Blouse or dress with Peter Pan collar (repetition for emphasis)--A Wednesday Addams-ish dress would be so me. But, a pretty pastel version like Brittany's would be nice for spring.

2) I didn't used to think I liked faux fur or animal print, but the latter has grown on me. Leopard seems to be the "in" print. I'm not sure if I want lots of leopard or just a touch. I like Melissa's dress (when going to get her link, I discovered that she featured leopard booties on Thursday), this coat Amber Lena is selling on Smashion, and Lizzy's top and belt.

3) A print of animals. This is different because it's a print of a whole animal (usually cartoon-like) in some sort of pattern like Kimmie's giraffes. I think this is too cute! I wonder if I can find a geoduck pattern to represent the PNW?

I know many others have rocked these different looks I've mentioned. I have an idea! Here's a Linky if you want to link up any of your posts featuring a look I've listed on "My Want List."

I think I may have a new Monday feature! Yeah, it's Sunday but I don't feel like scheduling this post for Monday for alliteration's sake: My Want List Monday Match-up. Next Monday! Plus, I'll keep up this post through Monday. Bam! How you like me now? Does it sound like a good Linky idea? Would you participate?

I'll determine and announce the winner of my TinyGoatStudios giveaway on Tuesday. Sorry for the delay!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Fix-it Friday: Little Fix and Big Explanation

What am I fixing this week? I haven't had many posts, so not a whole lot! I guess I forgot to tag my outfit from Tuesday. Here's what I wore: Yellow knit halter top: Old Navy - Cream cropped cardi: H&M - Skirt: Anthropologie - Gold flats: AK Anne Klein iflex, Nordstrom Rack

I had a post planned for Thursday but I didn't get around to posting. How was my Thursday?

• The day started out with a nose bleed (I may or may not have a little boy who digs for gold. I'm not saying that's what started it but I'm not doubting it either)
• Boys tardy to school
• Had to drive to work and park in scary parking garage across the street (at least 10-hour early bird parking is only $7.50)
• In the evening, hubby stuck in traffic for three hours (usually takes :45 in rush hour traffic)
• Had to call around to have someone on our approved list pick up our boys from afterschool care so we wouldn't have to pay $1/minute/boy for every minute late
• Hour later going to turn left onto friends' street to pick up boys (I sense a shout out for tomorrow) because hubby still stuck in same half-mile (if that) stretch, see cop car with lights flashing in rearview so pull over to right. He's not pulling me over, he drives by

How was your Thursday? Fix anything this week? Link up!

Don't forget to enter my drawing! Entries accepted until 11:59PM PST tonight! Visit this post for details and to enter.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

WoMM Wednesday

It's WoMM Wednesday! You know, WoMM! Okay, it stands for What's on Your Mind Wednesday, and I'm linking up with A Taste of T. Okay, that would be WoYM.

Jen-in-a-Cube. Do I look pensive?

 What's on my mind? (See! WoMM)
  • I am a contributing writer for Seattle Mamas! I found this out hours after I decided to slow down on my daily blog posts, so the timing could not have been better for everything to fall into place. Click the icon for my first post. It's not genuis or amazing, but you might learn something new. Or not.
  • I am not the multi-tasker I was before
  • I still like cheese
  • This binder clip makes a better ring model than my pudgy, wrinkled fingers
"Tornado" Tiny Goat Studios

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I'm Back, and in Living Color!

I shall call this outfit "Sunshine on a Cloudy Day."

Drizzle=Bad hair day

I used to wear this skirt maybe twice or thrice per year because I didn't know what to wear with it. Blame it on my matchy-matchiness. I would only want to wear it with an off-white or orange top--the exact matching shade of orange. Since I don't have such a top, this gorgeous gifted Anthro skirt has spent most of it's lifetime in my closet. Poor thing. I should wear it everyday. Maybe not. This isn't the 3 or 4 for 365 challenge.

I'm linking to the Color Brigade with Kileen at Cute & Little and Deanna with Jewelscapes today. Come check out the linker-uppers!

Don't forget to enter my TinyGoatStudios giveaway!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Saturday Shout Out: Won a Giveaway (and Hosting a Giveaway)

Today's shout out is a 3-in-1 because I won my second blog contest!

• A shout out to Melissa Nucera who is a graphic artist with two Etsy shops: This Year's Girl which features "Whimsical & Vintage Inspired Handmade Jewelry", and Visual Sentiments which features "Original Art and Accessories". She sponsored a contest for a $25 certificate to each shop! Her prices are reasonable for such lovely decorative art and wearable art. I chose "The Queen" as my print. I will share what I chose from Visual Sentiments when I wear them, and of course link back to her shop because you will be tempted :D

• A shout out to Take It From Me which reviewed some of her pieces and did a beautiful write up. They hosted her giveaway and I was quick to enter. This is one I really, really wanted to win. Of course I want to win all contests I enter, but this is one I kept going back to check because I just really, really like Melissa's jewelry and artwork.

• A shout out to for randomly choosing my entry and for being a free service because I plan to use them for my giveaway (great segue, huh?).

"Path of the Comet"

Enter my first blog giveaway sponsored by TinyGoatStudios! Win a statement ring similar to the one above, and one of your choice! See Thursday's post for details and to enter.

One note: More items will be added to the shop. If you find one you like better than what you mentioned in your mandatory entry, no need to delete your comment and update in a new one. If you win, just let me know your final decision then.

Have a wonderful weekend! Wander a little.

Link your shout out!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Fix-It Friday: Major Fixin'

What am I fixing this week?
• I finally got my button up earlier this week! I'm using one of the commissioned sketches from WobiSobi. It turns out that the dimensions were funky so I had to fix again. It's a functioning button now! Really, you should grab it, put it on your blog, and test it :D

• I keep forgetting to tag my outfit posts. Oh well, I wore the same things for 30 days so you probably figured out everything :D

• Yesterday I introduced my first blog giveaway and I tried to make sure I included everything. One thing I fixed this morning is adding that this contest is open to all readers. So, check out yesterday's post and enter! (All entries must be made in the original contest post for the sake of centralizing all entries)

• My MAJOR fix this week? I've decided to slow down my posts. I had set a goal for myself to do daily posts for my first year of blogging. Over the months, I've hemmed and hawed about slowing down but each time I convinced myself that I could keep it up. I know I can, but at the expense of interesting content. I'm not saying that I offer fantastically brilliant posts, but I want to write more. I don't want to post something quickly just for the sake of having a post for the day. If I still don't have a post at 11:30pm after a long day of this and that, I don't want to stress about writing something quickly. I don't want to look up one day and discover my children have left for college and I was busy blogging away! More power to you moms who work full-time and post daily. I tried and did it for about six months, but I'm no Superwoman. (I'd rather be Wonder Woman anyway)
(I will have a post tomorrow since I have a Saturday feature)

Don't forget to enter my TinyGoatStudios giveaway!

What did you fix this week? Link up!


Thursday, March 3, 2011

Fashion Blog Flash Mob: Happy Dance! **GIVEAWAY CLOSED**

Yesterday I completed Kendi Everyday's 30 for 30 challenge! I just wanna dance! Link up and join me! Add exclamation points to your thumbnail caption!

Even if your challenge is still in progress, you are unable to complete it, or you didn't join this time, come dance with me! I won't kid you, I will dance solo on the dancefloor even after the music stops playing, but it's still fun to have company. I mean, how can I go in the middle of the circle to bust it if there's no circle?

Just to clarify, the happy dance isn't because I'm glad that I'm finally done with the 30 for 30 challenge. It's not a "good riddens" celebratory dance. It's a "Yay, I accomplished the challenge!" dance. A celebration of achievement if you will.

While I'm still practicing my routine, why not enter my first blog giveaway sponsored by TinyGoatStudios (aka my hubsters)?

"Path of the Comet"

Enter to win a statement ring similar to this, custom-made for you in your size! You'll win a second ring as well, but that one is TBD. Yes, you choose it!

Mandatory entry: Visit TinyGoatStudios on Etsy and leave a comment below letting me know which ring you would want as your second ring. If I cannot reach you via your blog, please leave your e-mail address.

Bonus entry: Link up your happy dance pic and let me know you did so in a comment below.

Bonus entry/entries: Mention this giveaway in a post. For each post in which you do this, leave a comment below with a link to that post.

That's all! That's about as complicated as I want to make it. Open to all readers. All entries must be in comments on this post. This contest will close at midnight PST Saturday, March 12 (So last entry possible would be at 11:59 PST Friday, March 11). I will choose a winner via

Now, back to the show!

UPDATED 2:30PM PST--My department took advantage of free first Thursdays at the Seattle Art Museum aka SAM.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

30 for 30 Day 30: Crossing the Finish Line

Today I'm finishing the Winter 30 for 30 Challenge from Kendi Everyday! Am I going out with a spectacular remixed "how'd she do that?" outfit? No, I'm just wearing my red bubble dress with no fanciness. Well, I did break out my floral lace tights that I bought in November which have sitting ever so quietly in it's packaging since then.

I always look constipated

My co-worker told me to look like I'm having fun.
So much fun that everything's a blur? No, that's
just the fruit phone picture (lack of) quality.
Red bubble dress: Velvet Torch, Nordstrom - Floral lace tights: Hue, Nordstrom, Scaley heels: Alfani, Macy's

Augie was distraught when he couldn't find my red 'diamond' earrings. I helped him look but to no avail. I thought maybe they were in the van. He picked out another pair instead. These are them.

Jen-in-a-Cube. My skin is so splotchy. Perhaps I
should wear foundation every now-and-then.
Earrings: LittleCharm - Necklace: Jewelscapes

"Creepy Crawly" Tiny Goat Studios

I have completed this challenge. I can now kick up
 my heels. (And, kick them off. They are killing me!)

Come back tomorrow to link up with the Fashion Blog Flash Mob! Wardrobe: Anything! Pose: Happy dance!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

30 for 30 Day 29: No Leap Year

With February being a short month, my easy way of remembering which challenge day I'm on has been disrupted. The first 28 days of this challenge had a good rhythm (well, except for days when I doubled or tripled up). Now I'm on Day 29, Outfit 29, Date--the 1st of the month. What?

I thought I'd wear my green top with the bow playing peekaboo again. Last time I did it with a cardi.

My stylist Augie preferred a scarf instead of my brown/gold belt, worn lower than higher (so the green bow wouldn't touch it), and turned to the side.


"PreppyRing" TinyGoatStudios