Monday, July 18, 2011

Summerless in Seattle

Okay, so the sun ended up coming out today. Fog this morning? Really? I'm so over this autummer!

I bought these gladiator sandals last year but didn't wear them much because the strap cuts right before my pinky toe. It's annoying! (can you tell I'm having a Monday kind of Monday?) Now I don't care if my pinky toes are footloose (pun intended) and fancy free. Looks funny, but whatever!

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Is it Friday yet?

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Eclectic Ethnic

I like how this pic shows the fullness of my skirt; however, I had a funny expression so I had to crop my head.

Summer Trends Fashion Challenge
Thursday Theme: Eclectic Prints

I couldn't remember if the theme was eclectic or ethnic so I chose a skirt that I think fits both. But really, how does one define ethnic? This skirt reminds me of Middle Eastern architecture. It kind of reminds me of French fleur de lis. And chandeliers. And lace. This is one hardworking skirt! I don't know if this truly fits the eclectic print theme. If not, I can do some fun fancy photo app distortions.

Really, no one could tell me my hair was sticking up? It looks like it's windy but it's not!

I turned my head and still my hair didn't budge? I guess that was some heavy duty anti-climate hairspray. Yes, anti-climate because it lightly rained today. Seriously?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sparkle and Shine

(Yes, I realize now that tucking in was not a good choice)

Wednesday: Sparkles for Day

The Wednesday theme for the Summer Trends blog challenge with Megan and Keely has helped me add some sparkle to our gloomy summer. Okay, you can't see the sparkle very well with my fruit phone camera. I featured this top In a post during the winter. Appropriate since our weather is wintery. Check it out.

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I should have taken a pic of my outfit from Friday because it was more blingity sparkleness.

I usually wouldn't wear all black during the summer but it's more like late winter/early spring around here. Rain? Seriously? Where is my two weeks of summer? It usually comes in mid-July. Wait, it's not quite the halfway point yet. Perhaps I should be patient.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Did Someone Say Challenge?

The new Desi

What's the best way to coax me out of hiding? A blog challenge! Megan with Megan Mae Daily is co-hosting a Summer Trends blog challenge with Keely of Casual Chic Kiki. I participated in their Super Stripes Week in March. I didn't realize I had so many striped items! I completely missed their Fruit spring challenge because I was hiding under a rock.

Monday's Challenge: Stripe and Floral Mix

I've wanted to pattern mix more but I keep falling back to matchy-matchy. Does this work?

I had to take upclose pictures because Desi was having too much fun with his new photography mad skills.

I'm also linking up to Many Layers Monday with Mimi at Aesthetic Lounge.

I don't think I'll end up participating in every day of this Summer Trends challenge, but I guarantee I'll post more this week than I have in the past two weeks combined! Maybe I'll even get around to checking out your blogs and commenting. Jen HaHA just may be back! (I did not just speak of myself in third person, did I?)