I'm not anti-social!

My first instagram pic. Augie was being shy
 about meeting his future cousin, Bea.

Yeah, we're bringing flannel back to Seattle!
While I am still resisting Facebook, I am not anti-Social Networking. I mean, I have this no longer dormant (though constantly napping) blog! It's just that I know I would be on FB all the time and my self-control starts before starting. A feature I like from FB is posting pictures and my cousin recently told me about another type of social networking that captures just that. It's official, I'm on instagram!

Sure, this blog affords me the opportunity to post pictures, but I am more interested in posting pictures of others. Also, it's a picture and a quick blurb. For some reason, I feel like I have to "speak more" here. I will still strive to post outfits here when I have a photographer. Otherwise, I will have most postings on instagram.com/wannabefolkie. Here I'll have copy; on instagram I will have headlines. Something like that.

Why not use my blog name for instagram? It's way too long. Sure I could have abbreviated to Jen HaHA. But I didn't. Plus, wannabefolkie is my ID. I wanted to be a folk/rock singer, okay? There, secret's out. Until this blog awakens from its next nap...see me dreaming away on instagram!


  1. LOL, its hard to keep up with all the social networking stuff anyway.. and all these people on twitter posting things like " I am buying a coffee" or " I am driving down HWY 1".. like get a life!!
    hope all is well for you girl xox J


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