Competing Stripes

Hubby shared some new photo apps with me. Love this effect!
My biggest fashion challenge is learning how not to be so matchy-matchy. Often I'm 80s matchy: black hat, black-and-red checkered earrings, red button-up shirt with collar up and sleeves rolled up, black bolo, black stirrups, and red pointy-toed heels. Okay, not really but I think I described one of my outfits from junior high. Or maybe that was my cousin?
Part of my steps to being less matchy-matchy is learning how to pattern mix and color mix. This outfit is a safe pattern and color mix. The stripes go in the same direction (how did I ever brave horizontal stripes?), and the colors are similar. The daring part is that the stripes on the tank are thicker than on my cardi. That's not too daring.
I will challenge myself to be more daring with patterns and colors and share my outfits here. With pattern mixing, I think there is a fine line between making it work and making it look like you got dressed in the dark half-asleep. I'm up for the challenge.
Return of "The Desi"
"The Desi" in its pure form


  1. Hi Jen! So great to "hear" from you! I love that you are taking risks...definitely something that comes from fashion blogging! Hope everything is great with you and the family:)

    Aesthetic Lounge


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