Let's Get This Straight

After an awesome summer, the rains have finally
returned to Seattle. What sense does it make that I've decided
to start flatironing my hair and wearing it straight?

I'm back and going to strive to post regularly though not daily. I decided to clean up my sidebar because it was getting to be like that extra drawer in your bathroom--the one full of buttons. I saw this display template and decided to go with it because I want to concentrate more on posts and not being an art director of sorts. I like the simplicity yet sleekness of this display. You know me though, I hem and haw and you again may see a blog that resembles a high school locker with lots of color and cut outs and whatever the kids decorate with nowadays.

I may end up adding a button here-and-there because I will probably join challenges which usually requires posting the hosts button. How can I not join challenges? It's like the host is handing me a post idea. I will probably also give a shout out to bloggers who have supported me through bad posts and even worse pictures.

I'd like to speak more about my change of hairstyle but I will save that for my next post. I think long posts contributed to my blogging demise. I shall stick to the K.I.S.S. rule.


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