Give Me the Boot!

I don't mean kick me to the curb. I literally mean give me the boot because I can't seem to find them on my own.

I got these ones almost three years ago now. I have the hardest time finding boots that work for me. Okay, I can usually find booties because they don't fight with me when I try to put them on. These are between booties and mid-calf.

Tall boots: forget it. Even if I can get the zipper over my fat calves, the top of the boot hits my knee and they scruch down. Not in the cool scrunchy boot style. More like the I'm wearing hand-me-downs that won't fit me correctly for two more years look.

Mid-calf: where are they? Let me clarify: where are ones that don't cost over $200? Is my issue really that I have wide calves? Or is it the fact that I'm cheap? I like to say economical.

How do you like my autumn outfit? I think I have every color of changing leaves on. Argh, I should have worn my yellow earrings. Do our two gold-colored vehicles in the background count?


  1. I hear you about boots!! I am lucky to find ones that fit my calves. I either have to get stretchy ones, or can only wear those that are larger (and end up looking like rubber boots style!!). That said, I sometimes find tall zipper boots that fit....
    I think the boots you found look great.. you may want to try wearing them with stretches or tights that are a similar color if you want to help add length (you know- that monochrome kinda look on the bottom)... I like that skirt on you also!!

    and yes, 2 gold cars are always a good accessory LOL


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