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Ciao da Venezia!

TIPS FROM A FIRST-TIME TRAVELER TO EUROPE | VENICE Vaporetto : Take it! I suggest this for many reasons: You will walk a lot and might want an easier (not necessarily faster) route to another sestiere. You get a different perspective of the islands, therefore different photo ops, from the water. You can buy a 24hr, 48hr, or 72hr pass. This is much handier than day passes. ➡️ We opted for the bus from the airport to the   islands because it was less expensive. Had we known about these passes we would have purchased one at this point. Of course, if you get seasickness...hopefully you are able to control it. I'm not saying to take medicine for it; I'm not a doctor. Perhaps try seabands if you want to go the natural route? They seemed to work for my son when he was younger. Transport from Airport :  Bus --If you're staying close to the bus station (Santa Croce or Cannaregio), this is a more economical choice. There is the ACTV #5 which we intended to

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