Sunday, October 31, 2010

Waves on a Line

I love ruffles. I don't mean the brand of potato chips, although my favorite flavor of those is Cheddar and Sour Cream. I mean the design embellishment. They add flair to an otherwise ordinary tank, top, or dress. Of course, the pirate shirt from Seinfeld (told you I'd make references) comes to mind which I didn't love so much, but with the right jacket, cardi, or long sweater vest, I might have given it a go. I didn't even have to wear ruffles today in order to have a picture for this post. The evidence of my favor for the flavor of ruffles is in the fact that I've featured four outfits with this design already. Here's an encore:

From my asymmetry post

I don't think I've actually featured this pic but I took it a while back knowing I would eventually do a post about ruffles

Trying on a dress to wear to a wedding the next day. I took a pic to send to my friend Jaime for her opinion.

One of the many pics for a post about messy/loose ponytails

Do you ride the wave? E-mail me a pic!

Tomorrow: Take a Little Off the Bottom

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Something About Nothing

This post is something about nothing (but different from the day before). I go back-and-forth, ahem, hem and haw about slowing down my blog posts for a variety of reasons. I thought today might be the first day I wouldn't post, so yesterday's teaser was "Nothing or Something." A while back I considered this same thing and said I could always post a video of my cat doing nothing. Instead here's a picture. It's about the same thing a video would be like.

I had to do a double-take, then had to take a picture. One of my boys put this yak stuffed animal on Moses and Moses just nonchalantly rocked the faux fur look.

I also thought I might stop doing teasers so I could fly by the seat of my pants. But, I like giving myself assignments. It keeps me on my toes. Hmm, I just got ideas for future posts: pants and toes. See, clichés aren't always bad. But sometimes they're so cliché.

Does your cat wear fur? E-mail me a pic!

Tomorrow: Frilly Fun

Friday, October 29, 2010

Talk About Dem Boots

(This post requires a review of yesterday's post's pictures)

First of all, I should have cropped the picture with my Marc by Marc Jacobs jeans. At least trimmed the tummy. I mentioned these jeans in my second post when I was discussing the title of my blog and my need for hemming. These are meant to be cropped on others, but on me they come right to the ankle. They are a weird length for me and look best either with flats or tucked in boots.

In the other picture, I was trying the brown boot with black outfit combo I mentioned in my recent boot post. The picture doesn't show the contrast very well, but then again my boots are a dark chocolate brown. I thought it worked. No one said otherwise, so that's a pass, right?

I noticed some cracks in the pleather of my boots. Then I noticed it along the seam. Add to that the fact that the zipper of my right boot is broken and I've had to improvise with a pin of sorts in order to zip up and down, and it appears to be time for a new pair of tall brown boots. I really don't want to resort to duct tape.

Perhaps I should take my own advice, again from my last boots post. Note to self: should only purchase one new pair of boots this fall. Make it a pair of mid-calf brown boots.

I like these. Practical, look comfortable, and still stylish. The style name is "Goody" which makes it even better because I can tend to be a goody two-shoes. Might as well make it "Goody" two-boots.

Tomorrow: Nothing or maybe something

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Boots Do the Walking and the Talking

So these are missed photo ops that will have to speak for themselves for now because girlfriend is tired. Have fun figuring out with which posts these should have been included.


• I'm wearing my Marc by Marc Jacobs jeans from the Nordstrom Rack in the first pic
• The boots in the next pics are a dark chocolate brown

Tomorrow: Much Talk About Boots

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Lots of Room Up Your Sleeve

I thought I'd finally discuss another fashion term. My first "Fashion 101" post was about raglan sleeves. A fashion term I've heard a bit lately also has to do with sleeves--dolman. It sounds like a name that could have been inspired by a person with that surname. My other thought was that it is a word of significance in another language. Apparently the latter idea is closer to the origins. According to, the dolman is a garment worn in Turkey and other parts of the Middle East and the dolman sleeve design was borrowed from this garment. When I initially read its characteristics a while back, I thought the sweater I wore today was an example of dolman sleeves.

I had a not so happy expression for some reason so I cropped out my head.

When I reread the description of dolman sleeves, I discovered that the armholes of these sleeves sometimes go as low as the waist. I imagined something totally different from my sweater and searched for a picture to bring my imagination to reality.

I found this top with dolman sleeves

As I looked at more pictures, I realized that I have a couple of tops with dolman sleeves which both have cowl necks. Cowl neck: sounds like a good term to discuss in my next Fashion 101 post. Until then, class dismissed.

My chocolate brown top looks like this top

Tomorrow: Missed Photo Ops: IV

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Shopping at Your Finger Tips

My initial idea for my "Wild Card" segment was to pick out an outfit I see on the wild card day, ask to take a pic, and write about it. Well, this is my third attempt and again I forgot to do all of that. Oh the pressure! I brought it upon myself when I started listing a teaser about the next day's post on my daily posts. I did that on my very first post. Otherwise everyday would be a wild card of sorts if I didn't decide the night before what I would write. Logistics. (Many probably don't pay attention to my teasers anyway so I didn't have to address this at all)

So I've decided that today's post will be about online shopping.

A pro for online shopping: Convenience
A con for online shopping: Convenience

It's great being able to shop at any time of day, from anywhere, in pajamas if you'd like. Not having to deal with crowds or chasing after kids is a big plus as well. Of course, it's too easy to overspend, all in a matter of minutes. In all seriousness, here are three of my pros and cons of online shopping:

• Browsing while sitting
• Browsing late at night when stores are closed
• Browsing without my children hiding in rounders

• Not being able to try on items. Very crucial for me with pants and shoes.
• Too easy to fill my 'basket' or 'cart' and rack up the credit card bill
• Paying for shipping

The shipping thing is easily remedied with more sites offering free shipping on purchase and upon returns. Nordstrom has a great feature where you can "purchase online and pick up in store." I've tried this twice. The first time I picked up the item and left the store with just that item. The second time I ended up shopping more, but only got one more item. I love that feature!

Sometimes I'll browse and browse and browse and that satisfies my shopping desire. Other times I'll almost proceed to check out then change my mind. And yet other times I buy three rings, followed by two pairs of earrings, followed by a another pair of earrings and a cuff bracelet. The latter items not linked will make their debut in a not too distant post.

You can buy almost anything online now. Aren't you glad my blog is free to read? Priceless. Haha. Not!

Tomorrow: Fashion 101: Second Lesson

Monday, October 25, 2010

The Eyes Have It

We often seem to want what we don't have. I don't mean it in the sense that I would like a footwear collection that comes in every style, height and color of boot, heel, flat, etc. as can fit in my house. Not closet--house.

I mean it as far as wanting the opposite of what we have. Were you the kid in junior high or high school who had to wear headgear to school? Or were you the kid who had perfect teeth but wanted braces because you felt like it was some sort of teenage rite of passage? Are you someone who has worn glasses for as long as you can remember? Or are you someone with 'normal' or better vision who always wanted glasses because you felt that they would make you look smarter or more sophisticated? I always thought glasses looked cool.

S. usually wears contacts but today she had on her Ted Baker glasses in perfect timing with today's post.

Crisma wears glasses in front of the computer. Hers are reading glasses with cute hearts on the side from the Nordstrom Rack.

I wear glasses for computer use. I was getting headaches everyday and figured it was the glare from the monitor. I adjusted the brightness but that didn't help. I decided to see an eye doctor to see if I could correct things with glasses. My vision is 20/20, but a slight astigmatism affected my clarity. Something like that. This isn't an Opthamology lesson. These are Rampage glasses.

Next time someone says that they want my hair, I won't respond "Well, I wish I had straight hair." Instead I'll take the compliment and thank the person. I won't desire what I don't have. The grass may be greener on the other side, but I have flowers and herbs.

Tomorrow: Wild Card III

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Family Fashion Show

Three weeks ago my mom, brother and aunt left for vacation in the Philippines, and some in our family did a somewhat last-minute get-together at my Aunt Jennie's to send them off on a safe trip. Today they returned with lots of luggage, and a van and SUV trip to the airport was followed by another somewhat last-minute get-together at my Aunt Jennie's to welcome them home. We've come full circle.

My brother shared pictures, they shared stories, and my aunt shared goodies.

Costume jewelry displayed in an orderly fashion if only briefly

I copied my Aunt Jennie by putting these rings on my fingers (just had a flashback to my grunge days). I think these look like sea urchins.

My Aunt Landa. I was her stylist.

My aunt Jennie couldn't decide which she wanted. I think they never left her arm.

Taryn already had the flower in her hair. When I saw these sandals, I thought they were keychains. Taryn saw that they were hairclips and effortlessly put one in her hair.

Our family's version of the Kardashian sisters: Jac (Khloé because she has lighter hair), Kat (Kim because she wanted to be Kim), and Terie (Kourtney because she's the oldest sister). This spoof was a result of my cousin Jac being asked if this was like the Kardashian sisters while she and Kat were at a grocery store.

Tomorrow: Framed

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Headbands Rock!

Just as with scarves, I have gone in phases with headbands. Only I didn't stop wearing them because I grew tired of them or forget to put them on. I stopped because I felt like they were giving me headaches. Maybe it's just in my head (pun slightly intended), but when I would wear headbands I felt like they were tight on me and would give me tension headaches. It doesn't help that I have a big head, but what would you expect for my big brain (more like cobwebs)?

A couple of my co-workers wore headbands recently and have inspired me even more to try my hand--or rather head--at it again.

Katie has beautiful hair. People pay big $$ for that hair color. Hers is gratis. I don't mean that she gets hers colored for free. Hers is natural!

The boldness of a black rose contrasts nicely against the soft waves of Meadow's blonde hair.

Why you should wear a headband (in no particular order):
• Do the pictures above not convince you already?
• They're a great way to keep your hair back without wearing a pulled back look
• They can be whimsical
• They're an inexpensive accessory to add to your wardrobe
• Like the ones above, it's a way to add a jewel or flower to your hair without a clip
• If you're like me and don't want a part in your hair, a headband
can remedy that

Are you with the band? E-mail me a pic!

Tomorrow: Families reunite!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Walk, Don't Run

Today was the day of my sons' school's Walkathon FUNdraiser. I requested the day off from work over a month ago so I could volunteer. It's a great event promoting physical fitness and a majorly successful fundraiser. Families are very generous. We also receive lots of support from the community, including businesses that donate items for every student's goody bag, those that donate prizes for the students to win for participation, and those that sponsor the t-shirts that every student gets to wear and keep. As a volunteer, I got one as well! Pity I don't have a picture of myself wearing it looking as haggard as I felt, not having washed my hair since Wednesday, and having forgotten to put on lip color. Pity.

When I started this blog, I felt like I should start dressing up my casual wear. That was a fleeting thought because I don't want to lose myself. I like to bum out on my own time! With that in mind, I happily put on my $12 Old Navy jeans from a couple years back, a long-sleeve black cotton top with a missing lace-through ribbon neck trim, navy blue drum kit graphic tee, and black-and-gray herringbone design low-top Converse. Yes, I wore navy blue on top of black. Pity I don't have a pic of this bummarific outfit. Same day, same reason as above for no pic.

I have these pics though.

Most of the kids run the Walkathon. Everytime Desi went by me he would jump up in the air. I finally captured it.

Augie always zoomed by after smiling

Tomorrow: Dress Your Tresses

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Here a Boot, There a Boot

If this post had a picture of every pair of boots I saw today, this post would have lots of pictures of boots (you thought I was going to say something clever, huh?). Here's just a sampling:

Christi from the Starbucks in our office building. Got the biker boot look.

Renée's got it again. Also a biker boot look. Or maybe more "utilitarian" since that's the description of the season.

My buddy Jaime. Sassy boots. Fun skirt! Don't worry, not real zebra.

This was a result of a co-worker standing for a long time working on a project last week. These have more of the cowgirl look.

I wore my mid-calf tan boots that I featured in my summer boots post with tan patterned net hose and my potato sack skirt (someday I really will make a skirt out of potato sacks).

If you get just one pair of boots this season, I recommend a pair of brown mid-calf ones. Why?
Mid-calf because they go well with either jeans/slacks or skirts/dresses
--I've worn booties with a dress before and it didn't quite look right. I'm not saying it can't be done. It might just be my particular booties because they're square-toed with a thicker heel. They pack more sturdiness in a smaller boot than befits a feminine dress.
--Taller boots also work with jeans/slacks or skirts/dresses, but I like the ease of zipping up shorter boots (remember, I have big calves so squeezing them into tall boots is like squeezing into a pair of jeans that are a size too small or may have shrunk).
Brown because it goes with most everything
--I've seen more and more brown shoes worn with a black outfit
--I don't see many brown outfits with black shoes
--Brown goes better than black with neutral colors
--Wearing gray? Well, you don't have to wear your brown mid-calf boots every day. A gray outfit day is a great day to bust out your gray patent leather platform pumps (my scenario is if you buy only one pair of boots. I didn't say "If you buy only one pair of footwear . . .").

Are you kickin' it with boots this fall? E-mail me a pic!

Tomorrow: Made for Running?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fashionable or Functional (or Both?)

I tend to go in phases with scarves. I don't mean fall/winter wear them, spring/summer don't. I went through one phase when I saw a gal wear a neckerchief and I decided I wanted to do that and bought a bunch. Then I didn't wear them. Another time I bought a bunch at the Folk Life festival and wore those all the time. Then I stopped wearing them.

Our engagement pictures--almost 14 years ago! Check out my tall hair!

The soft focus

Nowadays I tend to wear thicker knit scarves that are meant more as outerwear for when it's cold out. But even then I'll forget to grab one. I have a few friends who wear scarves as fashion accessories and as functional warmer-uppers, and they wear them well.

Jaime from my first "Wild Card" segment

I am going to try again, but try not to look like I'm trying too hard. Did you try to get that?

I got this at little boutique-y shop in a mall. It was super cheap ($3.99?).

I wasn't sure if I should wrap it around my neck, tie it loosely and just let it hang. I decided to wrap it front-to-back, criss-cross it and wrap it back forward, then pull it gently so the loose ends up front wouldn't hang too low. I think it worked. Or do I look like a bandit who just pulled down her bandana?

Tomorrow: Made for Walking

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Gray That Can Stay

Today was my second attempt at my "Wild Card" segment. I almost forgot until Hanisa e-mailed me about a company event. I figured she was wearing something darling and would be my model for the day.

She is too cute! She's always wearing something fun and fashionable. And, dig her new wedge hairstyle! Does her cardigan from Anthropologie remind you of something else from Anthropologie?

I wasn't sure if she was wearing stirrups or if her leggings are long and she pulled them over her heel. They're stirrups! I didn't capture the actual stirrup feature but got this cute candid pic. It's funny because I often count "1-2-3" even when I'm taking a headless shot. This was truly candid and didn't get the count.

As fall takes its full effect, we in the northwest are dreading the gray and clouds and rain. We're all used to it but we still complain. But I'll take a gray outfit anyday in any shade.

Have you had a gray day? Send me a pic!

Sidepoint: I wore this ring by Dazzle Finger today.

Tomorrow: Another kind of necklace?

Monday, October 18, 2010

Pretty Tasty

About a month ago I was at Nordstrom and heard a gal mention maple bacon. I asked if that's a color because nowadays color names are more creative. My hair isn't black, it's raven. My eyes aren't brown, they're mudpie. But, she was truly talking about maple bacon--as a truffle flavor!

Some may think bacon in a truffle sounds gross, even if they love bacon. As I mentioned before, bacon is the new black and it's being used in lots of consumables like donuts and lattés. I had to buy some of these truffles because my boys love bacon.

I got two maple bacon, one dark orange because I didn't know if Augie would want the bacon one and he loves oranges, and one salted caramel truffle pour moi. Augie ended up choosing the orange, so my hubby got the other bacon. We just ate them this weekend and they were as good as new.

The verdict on the Maple Bacon Nordstrom Habits?
My husband: He had to search for the flavor
Desi: (paraphrasing actually)
First nibble--"I can taste the bacon!"
A few more nibbles--(picked out a piece) "There's real bacon in this!"
Concluding nibbles--"That's so weird that this tastes like bacon!"

I'll definitely be buying more! I may try some of the other flavors, but that salted caramel one was delicious and definitely needing an encore. But Encore is a different department at Nordstrom. You'll want to visit At Home for the truffles.

Tomorrow: Wild Card II

Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Canvas for Flowers

This post's title isn't referring to my potato sack skirt. It's talking about my garden. This is another post that isn't about fashion, but is about style and personal taste, and I will strive to tie it to fashion.

The sign says, "Take a Peek at My Bloomers!" My son Desi is aerating the soil in the background beyond the Dwarf Japanese Maple.

This is one of the wine barrels in our garden. We grew our potatoes in it and will probably grow corn or squash in it next year. I'm going to follow the crop rotation chart in order to avoid soil disease and returning pests affecting the same crop. (Thanks for mentioning that to me, Christi!)

For now this barrel is a staging area. I tend to purchase more plants than I can get around to planting. These are a mix of ones I purchased either yesterday or two weeks ago. I have since planted nine "Stepables" groundcovers along our pathway where Desi and Augie helped me prepare the soil, and the Gooseneck Loosestrife and one of the sedums in the other wine barrel which is in front of the hedge. Per the gals at the nursery from which I purchased the Gooseneck, it is very invasive so it's good to put it in a container to contain the spreading.

I had always concentrated on planting flowers (I like flowers) so I'd have cut flowers. All it took was one winter to convince me to plant more green foliage. There are many 'native' plants to our area that will remain green all year. It's no wonder this is called "The Evergreen State." While all of the flowers die back, the evergreens stick around. So a garden doesn't have to be all dead sticks and mush.

How can I tie this to fashion? Well, the wine barrel with all of the not yet planted plants can be likened to a dressing room backstage at a fashion show with clothes that still need to be tried on and pinned, taped, or otherwise altered for the specific model. I still need to get these plants in the ground or a container and make sure I pair them with the right soil and amount of sun.

Or, you can compare the flowering--or 'floriferous,' a term I've learned this year--plants to seasonal pieces like gloves and scarfs, and the evergreens to your tried-and-true jeans or versatile black cardigan.

My bulb of choice: Allium--any kind
My flower of choice: That's tough because I love flowers. Considering hardiness, I'd say daisies. They're spreaders. I also like peonies and I'm always surprised when mine come back because I don't take the best care of them. I like dahlias because of the variety. Oh, and chrysanthemums. I like the lime green ones. I could go on-and-on.
Grass of choice: Corkscrew because they're crazy cool

Tomorrow: Chocolate Brown

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Arm Candy

It's only recently that I've owned a designer handbag. In high school I had a knockoff Dooney & Bourke one, and I've had some knockoffs from New York. I recently had a knockoff Coach wristlet that fooled everyone. I endearing called it a "Couch" since it's not quite a Coach. And, being the painfully honest person I can tend to be, I would tell everyone that it was fake. A real wristlet, but a fake Coach. Then again, many wouldn't consider either handbag 'Designer', but still brand name.

My first real designer handbag was a yellow Michael Kors hobo. I gave it to my mom when I purchased my second one which is the off-white Michael Kors satchel I currently carry--all the time. I'll be honest (see?), I purchased both from the Nordstrom Rack and got really good deals on them. Perhaps someday I will get another one so I can switch out. Here's a pic of my MK one for now.

The hanging 'logo charm' announces to everyone that it's a Michael Kors which may seem pretentious to some, but it helps me to know which side is front. That way I know which side pocket has my keys and which has my bus pass, as well as where my interior pocket with my work cardkey is and where my hand lotion is (such a necessity).

A sampling of co-workers' handbags

Shanna's. Flowers!

Skye's. More flowers!

Hayley's from yesterday

I missed getting others' handbags but I shall someday. There are a lot of awesome handbags amongst my co-workers and friends. After all, we carry our lives in our handbags, so we might as well make them gorgeous.

Tomorrow: Dirt Brown

Friday, October 15, 2010

So We Meet Again

As I mentioned the other day, Thursday was the day of our second big meeting for the week. Everyone in my department dresses up everyday for the most part, but we seem to give it that extra effort and step it up for big meetings. Instead of featuring everyone, I thought I'd just pick one outfit and focus on it.

What I love about Hayley's ensemble is that the different elements are either a fall trend, something I've posted about, or something I will post. Here's the breakdown:

Fall features:

Patterned net tights--This is probably the first thing people notice about her outfit. I am a big fan of funky hosiery. I'm glad patterned net stockings are in this fall. They can make a basic black dress look basically fabulous. They are an affordable accessory you can get lots of wear from (just be careful not to snag them like I did my herringbone ones).

Leather jacket--Motorcycle jackets have gotten press lately but leather jackets in general are in. I didn't know she wore this until she was leaving for the day. The outfit I saw her in throughout the day was already great, but add the jacket and it's like adding curling ribbon to a package with an already beautiful bow.

Worn that, said that (and will wear again):

Necklace--I could have featured her layered necklace in yesterday's post, but I already had a bunch. She's got some great necklaces.

Big ring--You know me and the big ring bling thing. I haven't featured her big rings solo yet. (I wore this one by Dazzle Finger today)

Dress--I love dresses! Pullover dresses are the best because they are so comfortable. I don't think this one is a pullover, but it's a dress so it's great. It's business-preppy-chic.

Hair--I did a post about hair flair and she has hair

Fashion forecast: I've got to post this

Handbag--I didn't get the brand of this handbag. I like this gray. I could say more but I'll save it for tomorrow. See, it truly is a future post, and the future is tomorrow!

Black Belt--I tried the decorative belt thing but it didn't last. I'm inspired to try again. I might even throw everyone for a loop (pun not initially intended. Now it is) and try wide and thin belts. (I don't need functional belts :o()

So in summary, Hayley is all that and a bag of chips. Low-fat, non-
hydrogenated oil chips or even fruit chips, but chips none the less.

Tomorrow: Give These Gals a Hand

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sticking My Neck Out

I decided to give necklaces a try again. I stopped wearing them when I had babies because babies like to pull on things. Looking back, I don't recall my boys being grabby otherwise I would have had bald patches.

It's amazing how when you focus on something, you notice it everywhere. So many gals had on funderful necklaces today. Here's just a sampling.

Me (okay, this was yesterday). I like that this one has no clasp, but when I pulled it over my head to take it off it snagged in my hair.

My mother-in-law with a ribbon-tie necklace

Ariana with glass beads(?) necklace

Meadow in multi-colored glass beads

Me again in some sort of beads, this time not headless.

My friend Jaime also has some beautifun necklaces, but that will have to be another post. That post will probably have as many pictures (or perhaps just inspired her to add to her collection?).

Tomorrow: Fall Trends Worth Meeting